Open Tunings Fingerstyle Guitar – Open D, Open G & DADGAd Tutorials

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Open Tunings Fingerstyle Guitar – Open D, Open G & DADGAd Tutorials – Information

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Open Tunings Fingerstyle Guitar – Open D, Open G & DADGAd Tutorials — Free Download

Discovering the world of Open Tunings truly changed my guitar playing, it had opened a huge window for creativity, it made me play and compose and wander around with chords and harmonies in a way that I never knew before.
Here you got an Open Tunings Fingerstyle Guitar Course, where you’ll learn three common guitar open tunings – Open D, Open G, and DADGAd (Open Dsus4).

with a great learning method, a thorough method, that will lead you to truly succeed and progress. In this method, we’ll learn how to take a whole tune, etude, or an exercise, and break it to manageable pieces, and with repetitive playing to implement it to our muscle memory.

We’ll starts from the very basics of Fingerstyle Guitar, We’ll learn how to tune the guitar to those three tunings.

For each tuning, there is an Exercises Section, with many exercises and picking patterns.

Then there is an Etudes Section, in which we’ll learn chords for each of the tunings, and play with them all over the guitar’s neck.

And then, there are Songs for each of the tunings, an Open D Blues and Amazing Grace for The Open D Tuning, Barn Owl (a beautiful original composition) For the Open G Tuning, and Looking For A Home (another original tune) For the DADGAd Tuning.

So, There’s a lot to learn with a thorough method that leads slowly and gradually towards success.

I’m here for every question, you can message me or ask a question, I’ll answer as soon as I see it.

Who this course is for:

  • Guitar players who want to enrich their playing ability
  • Guitar players who want to open their minds to a new world of playing
  • Guitar players who want a new window for creativity, improvisation and originality
  • Singer-Songwriters who wants new tools for composing


  • A will to learn
  • Basic guitar playing, know how to hold a guitar properly
  • A will to practice and give time to learn

DOWNLOAD LINK — Open Tunings Fingerstyle Guitar – Open D, Open G & DADGAd Tutorials

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Open.part30.rar – 999.0 MB
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Open.part33.rar – 999.0 MB
Open.part34.rar – 265.0 MB

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