Anaweh Studio Masterclass ANNA & Wehbba 2160p Tutorials

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Anaweh Studio Masterclass ANNA & Wehbba 2160p Tutorials — Free Download

We will be going through the creation of a complete track together, using our techniques and expertise, with a comprehensive step-by-step guide through each step of the production process. We go over the essential knowledge on acquiring a set up, from choosing a DAW and Plugins, or hardware instruments and processors, to finding the right audio interface and monitoring solutions. How to choose the right platform to work, being hardware or software based, brief description of the DAWs used at Anaweh Studio, how to avoid the traps of choice paralysis, tips on finding the right information from reputable sources, and the value of mastering your own tools. We also provide information about what plugins are, reasons for choosing either native or external plugins, and some technical background and practical information for finding the right audio interface, monitoring and acoustic solutions. Ultimately, we present some of our methods to achieve higher creativity and efficiency, based on mindfulness practices, as well as daily routines to maximize the workflow

Over 10 hours of in-depth content and techniques from ANNA & Wehbba.

In this online electronic music production course, you’ll find the tools to help you achieve your goals as an artist.

Module — 1
Getting into the world of production

Module — 2
The Drums: a Complete Guide

Module — 3
The Melodic Elements:
The Anaweh Approach

Module — 4
The Arrangement: Making it Dynamic and Effective

Module — 5
The Mix Process:
the ANAWEH Treatment

Bonus Materials
Sample Pack

Building Blocks
Basic Concepts involved in Music Production

DOWNLOAD LINK — Anaweh Studio Masterclass ANNA & Wehbba 2160p Tutorials

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